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Béziers, Hérault and more !

From the smallest events (birthdays, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, cousinade, reception, association parties, company committees…) to the most imposing (The Rush of Fadas, official inaugurations, festivals, Punky de Béziers-Plage, L’Improbable Soirée etc…) we provide a drinking service studied with the client and adjusted to his needs.
We have a fleet of mobile bars and professional beer pullers. Our products are supplied in 30L barrels, with all the necessary equipment (cups, gas bobonne for the puller etc…).

Montpellier, Béziers, Pézenas, Agde, Sète, Hauts-Cantons, Corbières… We travel throughout Herat and Occitania to cover events.
Our shooters are available for both our individual customers and our partner restaurateurs.
Beyond Occitania, proposals can also be considered.


Option 1 - We fully insure your drink

La Gorge Fraîche becomes your bartender. The customer is quiet, our experienced team takes care of everything.
Our history is rich, since 2014 we have covered more than 300 events (both for the bar and for blog communications), to the greatest customer satisfaction.

We can travel with our equipment and products to fully ensure the bar of your event.

Option 2 - Beer puller rental

We also rent beer pullers, with equipment tailored to the customer’s needs. For the individual or the professional customer, he has a professional equipment and a draught beer in his restaurant, or at home, at home, for all his evenings, weddings, birthdays, family celebrations… With the impeccable service of our team that is available if necessary.

Our team ensures the delivery and installation of the equipment (under conditions), the instructions for the use of the puller and the management of any difficulties encountered by the customer.

Option 3 - The scooter bar

Affectionately called “The scooter bar”, this magnificent rolling bar will look the most in a wedding or a large reception.

Installed by the guards, the scooter is equipped with 2 beaks in self-service for your guests and delivers the nectar anti-throat-dry.

Contact us by phone or through the shooter rental quote for more information.

What to know

  • Our pressure drums have a capacity of 30L
  • The CO2 canister is included in the rental
  • The possibility of renting – buying drinks accessories (beer glasses, cups…)
  • Provide 110 glasses per barrel (including foam loss)

Cost control

  • We advise you on the right quantities for your event
  • Undinged drums are not charged to you but recovered
  • A deposit check is requested by beer puller

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